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Website Design (Static)

$150 Per Page

$100 Year Host Subscription

1 Revision | Compatible Mobile Web Page

Website Design eCommerce Sites

$300 eCommerce Store (with 10 uploaded items)

$75 Per Additional Page

$125 Year Host Subscription

1 Revision | Compatible Mobile Web Page

Website Revision


$25-50 Per Page

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Website Consultation

Why is Your Website Not Performing?

$15 Per Page

Detailed Video & Written Statement Included

Turnaround Times
Websites: 2-4 Weeks
Website Revision/ Consultation: 1 Week

Graphic Design

Logo Design

1 Logo: 3 File Formats
(.eps, .ai, .pdf) in a .zip file- $100

Flyer Design

1-sided 8.5"x11" document (PDF)- $75

For Additional Requests, Please Request a Quote

Newsletter Design

1 Double-Sided 11"x17" Spread (PDF)- $175

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Brochure Design

1 Double-Sided 8.5"x11" Document (PDF)- $120

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Turnaround Times
1 Week (7 Days)

Presentation Services

Digital Slideshows with Motion Graphics

Business or Special Events
Starting at $100
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Tiffany is a Graphic and Web Designer originally from the D.C Metropolitan area. During her career, she has experimented several forms of digital media including web design and development and print and televised media. In 2006, she graduated from high school with her High School Diploma and Academy Certificate Award in Arts and Media Studies; in 2008, Tiffany received her Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design; in 2010, Tiffany received her Bachelor’s Degree in Animation. In 2015, she received her Master's in Information Communication Technology with a concentration in Web Design and Development.

Tiffany is currently working as a freelance Graphic and Web Designer. She designs for small businesses, organizations and special events (weddings, etc...).

Design Process

Photo of TiffanyMy design process involves minimizing the cognitive load. Cognitive load refers to the total amount of mental effort being used in the working memory. Cognitive load theory was developed out of the study of problem solving by John Sweller in the late 1980s. Just like computers, human brains have a limited amount of processing power. When the amount of information coming in exceeds our ability to handle it, our performance suffers. We may take longer to understand information, miss important details, or even get overwhelmed and abandon the task. It is important to minimize cognitive load because user attention is a precious resource, and should be allocated accordingly. Having a complicated design, loses the attention of a potential client/ customer, therefore a business owner/organization loses the business.

Why I Became a Designer

I chose to be a Graphic and Web Designer because I wanted the opportunity to influence the world with my artwork. I chose to put my focus on business relations because art and business are so closely related. The business world uses artwork to attract prospective customers. Focusing my artwork on the business world allows me to influence a broader audience. I enjoy using digital tools because it allows me to explore a constantly developing medium. My design decisions are based on strategic and organized planning. I use wire framing as my first step because it allows my design to be laid out thoughtfully before being placed on screen. I explore themes associated with typography because it is a theme that provides many possibilities. I have created several works using only typography as if it were paint on a canvas. I experiment with very limited color schemes and I enjoy experimenting with negative space, trying to find all possibilities and execute them into a great piece.


  • Valor Systems, IMS
  • Brown Water Airboats
  • Waverly Pharmacy
  • JPF Logistics Specialists
  • Ground Hog News
  • Chase Transcriptions, Inc.
  • Reid Writers, Inc.
  • Southeastern College
  • City of Gaithersburg
  • Waschko Pharmacy
  • Gateway Pharmacy
  • Lisa D. Smith, Inc.
  • SYS-TEK Technical Commissioning & Engineers
  • Next Day Embroidery


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